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I was born in 1966 and live in Banyoles (Pla de l’Estany, Catalonia).

I am passionate about photographing the landscape and nature. I would like to think that I can capture some of the emotions I feel in the countryside in my images. Emotions that connect me with the natural environment and my roots. The realisation, so often ignored, of us being a part of this environment and the privilege that this carries. It seems that everything pushes us to disconnect from this nature. To revive from time to time this intimate, reflexive, quiet and slow contact has become a necessity for me. This necessity is conveyed in the photographs that I present to you in this website.


2014 – Collective exhibitions of photographers from Pla de l’Estany, at Palol de Revardit Castle, during the 20th anniversary of the Sindicat de la imatge.

2014 – Photogènika. Ca la Flora. Banyoles. Collective exhibition.

2014 – ‘Els Plaers Menuts‘ (The small pleasures). Ca la Flora. Banyoles. Joint exhibition with Harold Abellan, commisioned by Manoli Mansilla.

2015 – ‘Plein Air’. Exhibition of the collective Photogènika at l’Altell, Banyoles

2015 – ‘La lentitud’ (The Slowness). Exhibition of the collective Photogènika, at the Eat Art room of the Lluís Coromina Foundation, in Banyoles.

2015 – ‘Voltant l’Estany‘. Biblioteca Comarcal del Pla de l’Estany.

2016 – ‘Deep Inside‘. Càrdia. Pl. Josep Pla, 4. Girona.

2017 – ‘La setena cara del dau’ (The Seventh Side of the Dice). Exhibition of the collective Photogènika at l’Altell, Banyoles.

2018 – ‘Around Me (triptychs)'. Biblioteca Comarcal del Pla de l’Estany.

2018 - 'La vida que s'esfuma'. Collective exhibition at Al Ras Petit Festival.

2019 - OFNI Project. Collective Exhibition. Valid Foto Gallery (Barcelona)


October, 2018:
On Landscape Magazine #168: Featured Photographer (PDF 5Mb)

June, 2018:
Prodibi Pixel Magazine Interview

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